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Shasta Snow Skiing is just one of the great winter sports in the area.  Mount Shasta Ski Area about 40-60 minutes away:

  • Snow Skiing
  • Snow Boarding
  • Snow Mobile
  • Cross Country Skiing

Shasta Snow Skiing:  When winter casts its magical spell on the Shasta Lake area, Shasta Lakeshore Retreat becomes an idyllic haven for those seeking thrilling winter sports adventures. Located just 40-60 minutes away from the scenic Shasta Mountain area, our vacation homes offer the perfect base for winter enthusiasts.

Winter sports lovers will be in their element with an array of exciting activities available. Shasta’s pristine snow-covered slopes are a paradise for downhill thrill-seekers and snowboarders. The area boasts various ski resorts, and you can spend your days gliding down powdery runs, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery.

If you prefer a different kind of winter adventure, explore the vast wilderness on a snowmobile or immerse yourself in the tranquility of cross-country skiing. Whether you’re a seasoned winter sports aficionado or a first-timer looking for excitement, Shasta Lakeshore Retreat offers an inviting and comfortable retreat after an action-packed day on the slopes. Our cozy vacation homes, complete with modern amenities and stunning lake views, provide the perfect refuge for those seeking a memorable winter getaway.

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