Our #1 objective is to create one of the best experiences you have ever had on vacation.  We want to offer a special home that is very well taken care by our guests and keep a great relationship with the neighborhood.

We want our great guests to fully understand our conditions of use and rules in everyone’s best interest.  We do this to avoid misunderstandings and issues.

  1. No Smoking or Vaping Anything Inside
  2. Max number of total guests is strict (10-14)
  3. Max number of Adults is strict (9-12)
  4. Max number of cars, boats and ATVs are strict (4-5)
  5. Parking limited to driveway and directly in front of our home.  Boats off the street.
  6. No RV Campers
  7. No loud parties or big gatherings
  8. No pets unless approved and fee paid
  9. No outdoor wood fires (have gas fire pit)
  10. No Spicy Food cooking inside
  11. Rental Agreement Required
  12. We follow strictly Shasta County Short Term Rental Guidelines & Rules
  13. Must have fun!
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RV Camper Parks

Although we do not allow nor does the Shasta County Short Term Rental Ordinance allow RV campers in front of Vacation Homes, there are a number of RV parks some with hook ups very close in the event you have part of your party that wants to stay or travel via their RV Camper.  The distance ranges from about 1.5 miles to 3.0 miles from our home.  They are listed based on distance from our home.  Closest first.  Please inquire with them for details we have no relationship or connection with them.  They include: