May 6, 2021:   The lake as of today is 96′ below the top.  We have not received much as far as Spring rains so far.   At this level there are no issues other than the walk to the water from all 3 of our homes is definitely longer (hundreds of yards). Although the boat ramp right next to our homes at Sugarloaf marina will likely not open (Marina and Slips should still be open), the other Sugarloaf county boat ramp (1/3 of a miles from our homes) should remain open.

Shasta is a big lake, and although it would be nice to be full, you will still have a great time and there will be plenty of water.

SUMMER 2021?

As of right now based on the past rains, forecast and current lake level, you should expect the lake to be lower than recent years.    Although I have no way to know for sure, I would assume it will not raise much more and will start to drop.  The Sugarloaf county boat ramp (1/3 mile from us) closes at about 150-160′ down from the top.  Although I have no way of knowing, my current guess is that we will get to about 140-150” down by October.

Although this will put your boat and the water level further from our lakefront homes, we can assure you there is plenty of water to enjoy the lake for a full week.  This lake even at its lowest level will take you 45 minutes at speed in a boat to get from one end to another.

So what should you expect (our guess):
1.  The Sugarloaf county boat ramp (1/3 mile from us will be open with a slight risk of closing in October or November.
2. High speed and towing of water sports might be limited right in front of our homes.
3. You will be able to head south from our homes to get to the bigger and deeper part of the lake.  There is plenty of water…no issue.
4. Late in the season we might have 5MPH enforced near our homes.
5.  Expect the Local and National News Agencies to make it look really bad.  Follow this page, not the news.

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Shasta has filled to close to the top 4 of the 5 pst years.   Shasta Lake is not only the largest lake in California, it is also the main reservoir for much of the rich crops in the central valley of the state.  As with other reservoirs, the lake level will vary through the year.  Normally the lake is at its lowest level in November or December before the rains and then increases to its highest level normally by Memorial Day each year after which it slowly drops through the summer/fall/early winter.  Although all three homes are rare lakefront, the distance from the house might go from a stone’s toss to several hundred yards or more.  Fortunately, unlike many homes on inlets of Shasta Lakes, we always have water and water views in front of us even at its lowest levels after four years of drought in 2015.

Who knows what will be the case in the Summer of 2021 but even when the lake is lower, there is plenty of water for great fun.

June 2019 FULL LAKE

Full 4 of 5 last years.


Low (5 years ago in drought)
& High Water (Past 4 of 5 Years)