January 27th UPDATE 

The following information tries to communicate the current lake level conditions.  The unusually early Rains in October followed by heavy rain and snow in November and December is helping push the lake level up.  We are now up about 50 feet from the low and it continues to climb.  This is a great start and provides hope that we will get lots of rain this entire season.  The lake is low but it can fill up in one season although at this point we do not think it will make it to the top for 2022.

The lake as of today is 134′ below the top.

The view from the homes is very different currently from when it is full.  It is now a mixture of lake and dry lake bed but should improve every day.   Retreat 3 and Retreat 4 have the best view but all four can now see the lake.   Although the lake view is somewhat limited, still great views of the mountains and the wildlife like deer.  These homes are still very popular even with the low lake level as they offer so much.  We continue to get 5 star reviews and guests looks forward to coming back.

150- 200 yards currently from all 4 homes to lake.

We would not recommend this time of year (Winter) because of the water temp.  As always do not leave children alone and make sure they are wearing a life vest anywhere near the water even if they are not going in.  Swimming below the homes should be good starting in the Spring.

Removed for the season.  We will bring back next year in May when it warms up.

The Sugarloaf county low water ramp is officially OPEN.  The curtesy dock is back in place to help.  Good to use but as always, be careful about unmarked items in the water in this area.

CLOSED for season/Normally opens Memorial Day Weekend.

Relocated to another part of the lake by the dam due to lake level this past summer.  Although the lake is high enough to move it back to the Sugarloaf area near us they have not done that as of January 15th.  Call them for details.  Note:  There appears to be a partial dock/marina now by the old highway bridge but unclear if Antler’s or not.  Will update when we find out more.

Plenty of water in the lake for great family boating fun and fishing although the water temperature in the winter is cold.

You will have to travel a distance to get to a marina that is open until Antlers moves back (see above):

  1. Bridge Bay (near the big bridge)
  2. Holiday Harbor
  3. Jones Valley

The lower lake levels open up old treasures covered by water since the 1940’s.  This includes old bridges, tunnels and much more.  Great for exploring on foot, ATV or 4WD.  Great fun on ATVs!  See the “Lake Treasures” section of web site.

Now through March 2022 we offer the lowest rates of the year (other than holidays).  We have also reduced these lowest rates of the year more for some days during this period.


Jan 27, 2021 UPDATE Continued:
Although we can only provide information based on what we hear and see, we try to be as transparent as possible to help our guests plan and make decisions and avoid surprises.  It is very hard to predict what the lake level will at any point later this year.  The early and heavy rains October through December have been encouraging.  We normally don’t see much until January.  Multiple times in the past, the lake has filled up from very low points in one season.  There is no way to know if this will happen again in 2022 but at this point don’t think it will get to the top but should be good enough to enjoy the local ramps, marina and entire lake.  Normally the lake is the highest in late May and then starts to drop throughout the Summer and Fall.


  1. Since we tend to book up early especially for the summer, consider booking now and keep an eye on this section of our web site as we will update it as we have new information.  Most of our bookings happen between Jan 15 to Fab 15th.  We had 6 in the last 24 hours (Jan 15th).
  2. You can always cancel for full refund up to 60 days before.
  3. We should have a good sense of where this is going as each month goes by.
  4. Feel free to reach out at any time.
  5. We will update this every two weeks or sooner.
  6. If you book with us, we will also send messages directly to you periodically and encourage you to visit this site more frequently.


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SUMMER 2022?

There is no way to know what this summer will be like.  Clearly we need lots of rain but we are off to a great start as of the end the middle of January with the rain and snowpack.  If we have a decent rain year, the lake can fill up very fast.  In 2015 when we bought the first home the lake level was very low and it filled to the top by May 2016.  Also in 1978 when it was the lowest level ever, it filled to the top the next year.  In any case, if you are staying with us, you can always cancel for any reason for full refund if 60 days or more prior to your stay.


Shasta has filled close to the top 4 of the 6 past years.   Shasta Lake is not only the largest lake in California, it is also the main reservoir for much of the rich crops in the central valley of the state.  As with other reservoirs, the lake level will vary through the year.  Normally the lake is at its lowest level in November or December before the rains and then increases to its highest level normally by Memorial Day each year after which it slowly drops through the summer/fall/early winter.  Although all four homes are rare lakefront, the distance from the house might go from a stone’s toss to several hundred yards or more.  In severe drought conditions the result can be a empty lake bed with only the Sacramento river running through it.  Fortunately, unlike many homes on inlets of Shasta Lakes, we almost always have some water and water views in front of us even at its lowest levels.

One good wet season can fill up the lake even when it is very low.  We take pride in being very transparent and communicating current and potential conditions as best we can.  As of January 27, 2022 the lake is up 50 feet from its low and is going up everyday.

Lake at 100' to 140' down (Coming Up each day, Jan 27th: Now 134')

At 100 feet below the top, Antlers and Sugarloaf Marinas are normally open and in full seasonal operation below our homes as well as the Sugarloaf county low water boat ramp.  Please note when the lake is full, Antlers marina is 3 miles up the lake but at this water level, they move their marina to the Sugarloaf area providing you two marinas close by and within sight of all the homes.  The walk/drive is longer but still all in view.  The first set of photos below are of the Sugarloaf area at this depth range and the later photos are of the lake in the main channel.  Please note that these photos range from 100 to 140 feet down so they can look very different as 40′ fills in a lot.

UPDATE:  January 15, 2022:  As of now, both marinas are still at another part of the lake.  They have not yet moved them back.  Antlers is open most of the year.  If you want the latest, please call Antlers and ask them when they plan to move it back.  You may not get a clear answer is my experience.  Please note they are motivated to move it back as soon as possible because their campsites and small cabin guests do not like traveling to the other side of the lake to use the marina that is supposed to be close to them.  Sugarloaf is a seasonal marina.  It does not open until Memorial Day weekend normally.  Jones Valley Marina owns them and would be the source for additional information.

LOWER LAKE at 50 to 100' down (NOT CURRENT LEVEL)

At 60′ to 100′ below the top, the Sugarloaf County Boat ramp is open and the Sugarloaf marina is normally in full operation (Summer Only).  At about 80′ down, Antlers also moves their marina to this area giving you two marinas near the homes.  Views of the lake change and the distance to the marinas and boat ramps are greater than when the lake is full.  The photos below are a combination of local and main lake conditions.

Full to 60' Down (NOT CURRENT LEVEL)

When the lake is within this range (considered pretty full or full), the Sugarloaf marina is a short walk from the homes and the boat ramp at the marina is open.  5 of the last 6 seasons were in this range with 4 of those years full to the top.  Decent winters can fill Shasta Lake quickly.  Please see photos below.


Lake at 140' to 170' down from Top (NOT CURRENT LEVEL)

At 140′ below the top, the lake level starts to impact the marinas and the boat ramp near our homes.  Although they may stay open to 150′ or more, please plan on driving to other ramps and marinas when the lake gets to this level.  Bay Bridge Marina and Boat Ramp for example is easy to get to but you will have about a 18 minute drive.  See marina section of web site for more information.  The main part of the lake is much deeper and there is lots of water for your enjoyment.   No issues at all, still bigger than most lakes in California when full.  The photos below are of the area near our homes and the later ones are out in the main lake.

Lake Level at 170 feet or more from top (NOT CURRENT LEVEL)

At 170′ down or greater, the area near our homes is a dry lake bed with the Sacramento river running through it.  This is a great opportunity to explore and look for buried treasures on feet or on your ATVs.  If you have an ATV…bring it!  There are old tunnels, bridges, roads and much more.  See our low lake treasures section of our web page.  Since it is the bottom of the lake, there is silt near the river.  Gray dry silt is ok to drive and walk on but if the silt is black, do not proceed as you will get stuck.  Although the view is very different than a full lake, our guests continue to visit and have a great time.  The first set of photos below is the area near our homes.  The later photos are in the deeper main part of the lake which still offers great water sports and family enjoyment.


June 2019 FULL LAKE


Full, 60', 120' and 180' Down


Low (5 years ago in drought, similar now Aug 2021)
& High Water (Past 2016,17,18,19)