Shasta Lake has filled to near the top the past three years and is on a solid path to do the same this year.  Shasta Lake is not only the largest lake in California, it is also the main reservoir for much of the rich crops in the central valley of the state.  As with other reservoirs, the lake level will vary through the year.  Normally the lake is at its lowest level in November before the rains and then increases to its highest level normally by Memorial Day each year after which it slowly drops through the summer/fall/early winter.  Although both our homes are rare lakefront, the distance from the house might go from a stone’s toss to several hundred yards or more.  Fortunately, unlike many homes on inlets of Shasta Lakes, we always have water and water views in front of us even at its lowest levels after four years of drought in 2015.

4th Year in a Row!


February 16, 2019:  The Shasta Lake Level has been going up about 1-2 feet per day since early January bringing it from about 130 feet from the top to about 40+ feet from the top currently.   Recent storms have increased the snow pack.  More rain expected. Based on previous years, the weather report, the heavy snowpack, the current level, we expect the lake to be full by Memorial Day if not sooner.

Shasta Lake Level
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