March 6, 2021:   The lake as of today is 93′ below the top.   At this level there are no issues other than the walk to the water from all 3 of our homes is definitely longer (hundreds of yards). Although the one boat ramp at the marina closes at 60′ down, the other Sugarloaf boat ramp (1/3 of a miles from our homes) will remain open.  This boat ramp closes at about 150′ down from the top.  The lake was about 120′ down at it low point this past year.  The rains have started to raise the lake level as normal for this time of the year.  More rain is needed to bring the lake up.  See below the water level map.

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SUMMER 2021?

There is no way to know as of now where the lake will be come this Summer.  I have seen the lake much lower than it is currently and fill up to the top by Memorial Day and I have seen drought years where it does not fill up for multiple years.  As of right now based on the past rains, forecast and current lake level, you should not expect it to fill to the top this year.  If you plan to stay with us this year or somewhere else at Shasta, please plan and assume that it will be lower than the past couple years.  I am guessing it might start the season somewhere between 40 and 60 feet below and finish the season at about 100 to 140 feet below.  Please note this is 100% of a wild guess on our part.

Although this will put your boat and the water level further from our lakefront homes, we can assure you there is plenty of water to enjoy the lake for a full week.  This lake even at its lowest level will take you 45 minutes at speed in a boat to get from one end to another.

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Shasta has filled to close to the top 4 of the 5 pst years.   Shasta Lake is not only the largest lake in California, it is also the main reservoir for much of the rich crops in the central valley of the state.  As with other reservoirs, the lake level will vary through the year.  Normally the lake is at its lowest level in November or December before the rains and then increases to its highest level normally by Memorial Day each year after which it slowly drops through the summer/fall/early winter.  Although all three homes are rare lakefront, the distance from the house might go from a stone’s toss to several hundred yards or more.  Fortunately, unlike many homes on inlets of Shasta Lakes, we always have water and water views in front of us even at its lowest levels after four years of drought in 2015.

Who knows what will be the case in the Summer of 2021 but even when the lake is lower, there is plenty of water for great fun.

June 2019 FULL LAKE

Full 4 of 5 last years.


Low (5 years ago in drought)
& High Water (Past 4 of 5 Years)