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Fishing at Shasta Lake while staying at Shasta Lakeshore Retreat is an angler’s dream come true. This massive reservoir in the heart of northern California is renowned for its diverse fish population and exceptional water quality. The lake’s waters teem with various fish species, making it a year-round fishing paradise. Among the most sought-after catches are the large and feisty spotted bass, making Shasta Lake one of the top bass fishing destinations in the state. These acrobatic fish provide thrilling battles for both seasoned anglers and newcomers.

Aside from spotted bass, you can also reel in catfish, crappie, and German browns, offering plenty of opportunities to catch your dinner. The lake’s pristine waters and expansive shoreline present numerous fishing spots, and you can enjoy the convenience of fishing right from our lakefront property. Whether you’re into baitcasting, fly fishing, or trolling, the diverse fish population ensures there’s something for everyone. With an inviting climate year-round, Shasta Lake guarantees a fantastic fishing experience, making it the perfect complement to your relaxing and water sports-filled vacation at Shasta Lakeshore Retreat. So, grab your gear, cast your line, and let the fishing adventures begin!

Shasta Lake Fishing

Lake Shasta Fishing is great year-round


German Browns, Crappie, and Catfish


German Browns, Kamloop, Rainbows, Bass and Catfish


Bass, Catfish and Crappie


Bass, Catfish and Crappie, Bass

Jeff's Fishing Report

Nor cal Fishing Report

Sac River Guide

Shore Fishing Close to Retreat?

Consider fishing right below our three homes.  There is a nice trail and tends to be pretty good for shore fishing.

Shasta Lake Fishing Tours/Pros

Lake Shasta offers great fishing year-round…pros can help you find them.


Large mouth, small mouth and spotted bass are the three types in Shasta. Limit is 5 in any combination and not under 12 inches long. Popular baits are minnows and night crawlers. Popular lures are threadfin, shad, rubber worms and lures that look like crawfish. Bass like rocky points where streams enter the lake and submerged vegetation like that found in coves.  Bass fishing is a favorite at Shasta Lake.  See Tournament List Below.


Brown Bullhead, Channel and White are the three types in Shasta Lake. There is no limit. Baits for “cats” are worms, minnows, chicken livers, sardines, and anchovies and dead shad. Areas good for Cat fishing are Squaw Creek, Little Squaw Creek west of the Dam, Salt Creek and any mouth of the creeks after a warm storm in the spring and in winter. The night seems to be the best time to fish for the “cats”.


You will find black and white Crappie in Shasta Lake. Limit is 25. Fish with mini jigs in the colors of yellow and white, minnows are good too. You will find crappie under structures and docks throughout the lake. Crappies like to hang around lighted docks at night.  Great fishing.

Trout & Salmon

Rainbow, German Brown and Kamloop are the types in Shasta. These are the most abundant fish in Shasta Lake. Limit is 5 in any combination. They may not be fished for at night. Marshmallow and salmon egg in combination or live minnows placed on a leader 2 to 3 ft. below a bobber is best. Popular lures are Thinfins in all colors, Kastmasters, Rebels, Flatfish in Z-Ror or X-5 Rapalas and Z-Rays. Trolling depth is 30-70 ft. Except in the summer when trout move to deeper and cooler waters. German Browns are found on the McCloud from Turntable to Hirz Bay. Some good spots for rainbow are the Sacramento area, Dry Fork Inlet, Little Squaw Creek, Backbone Creek and near the Dam. Land locked Kokanee Salmon are fished the same and have the same limit as Trout.

To fish on Shasta Lake a license is required for all persons 16 years and older.  Enjoy Fishing at Shasta Lake.

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Fishing License

You can obtain a fishing license at multiple locations in Lakehead including the market.  They are also available online at the button below: