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Shasta Lake Forest Fires

Oct 1, 2023:
Although there are a number of fires in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington, there are no fires in the general area of our homes.  Reports of some smoke at times which is not uncommon for this time of the year.

August 18, 2023:
Some smoke in the area from fires far from the lake/homes.  No fires threaten any of the homes.

August 12, 2023 Update:
No known fires or smoke in the area

July 28, 2023, 6:00pm Update:
Wonder Fire
As we state in many documents, wildfires are common in the Shasta area.
This fire was limited to 160 acres and is now 95% contained.  It is no longer a concern for the area.

Enjoy your stay.
Thanks.  Dave, Shasta Lakeshore Retreat

July 19, 2023, 7pm Update:
There was a 2 acre fire off I-5 today near Antlers Marina.  The fire is contained and there is of no further concern.   Enjoy your stay.
Thanks.  Dave, Shasta Lakeshore Retreat


As we communicate with our guests, fires are unfortunately common in this area and more frequently throughout California.  Fires in the general area can bring smoke in at times and you should plan for this during the summer (especially late summer) and fall as it is unpredictable.  Although most days are beautiful blue skies, your stay may include smoke.  People who would like to avoid smoke or are sensitive to smoke should avoid booking our homes and other places in Northern California summer/fall.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are providing this as additional information for our guests and other people that use our web site as a source of information.  We are not experts, please use other sources of information as desired.  We can’t be liable for the information we provide.

We want to thank all the hard working firefighters and first responders for their service and our thoughts are with those impacted by California fires.

We can’t be responsible for smoke in the area and smoke is not a valid cancelation reason.

Blue Skies return to Shasta.  Photo Oct 3, 2021.

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ABOVE:  Clear Skies although a fire was only 5 miles away but wind blowing away from lake (July 2021).  

ABOVE:  Smoke on a bad day with a fire 50 miles away (above).  (August 2021)

BELOW:  Photos of Smoke at Different Levels including Fires on the Shores of Shasta Lake (not currently the case)