Nov 15, 2020 Update

There have been no fires or smoke in the area for many weeks.

Air quality is good.  No issues.

All good, come up and enjoy the lake!

We will provide updates when there is any new information.  We monitor closely.

Thanks, Dave & Lori

Oct 15, 2020 Update

We just arrived.  Blue skies!   No haze!  No Smoke!   Air quality is great at the lake now with all recent days and forecasted days in the green with “Good”.

The Zogg fire is really over at 99% containment and the August Complex fire further south is 80% contained.

Oct 7, 2020 Update

We miss being up at the lake already.  Our guests report the weather has been nice and other than a little haze, no issue with smoke, etc.  Air quality is in the “moderate” to “good” range so no issues.

The Zogg fire is almost completely contained at 90% as of today.  This is the only major fire in the general area.

Oct 3, 2020 Update

We are up here now in Retreat 2 enjoying a wonderful morning on the lake.  No smoke smell, no ash, only some haze around the mountains and blue skies for the most part above.  Definitely much better than the Bay Area which we drove up from yesterday.

The Zogg fire which is really the only one somewhat close to this area is close to 70% contained, no threat to the area and should be fully contained soon.

Sept 30, 2020 Update

Although the Air Quality at our homes has been good recently for the past week, it appears the winds have changed direction putting it back in the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups and Unhealthy range as much of the state has been experiencing the past 5 weeks.  The chart below is out of date now.   Although these levels never stop us or many of our guests, it might not be desirable for some individuals.

The closest fire is about 10 miles west of Redding is currently headed in a Southeast direction away from Shasta Lake.    This fire is about 30 miles from our homes.   Fortunately or Unfortunately the big fires in the area in 2018 burned much of the area between this fire and the lake creating a natural barrier.

The fire service is very good about letting everyone know if there is any risk.

We will provide updates when there is any new information.  We monitor closely.

Thanks, Dave & Lori

Sept 28, 2020 Update

The Air Quality has remained in the “good” and “moderate” range for most of the past week and the forecast shows the same.

The new fire which is 10 miles west of Redding is currently headed in a Southeast direction away from Shasta Lake.    This fire is about 30 miles from our homes.  Please note that the fire and winds are going in the other direction and if the wind direction change it will likely run into the burn area from the big fire in 2018 preventing any flow in direction toward our homes.  The fire service is very good about letting everyone know if there is any risk.  Enjoy the lake.

Sept 20, 2020 Update

The Air Quality forecast continues to improve with lots of “Good” ari quality ratings.  Enjoy!

Sept 17, 2020 Update

Looks like the air quality is getting better with some days as “moderate”.  We have also heard from guests in all three homes in the last 24 hours that they are having a great time.

Sept 14, 2020 Update

Talked today with one of our departing guests who has been at the lake for several days.  They said although there is definitely a haze in the area, they had a great time and it did not bother them.

Another guest who just arrived said they are enjoying the home as it is much clearer from where they came from.

The AQI rating is 131 today which is “Unhealthy for sensitive groups”  This compares to some areas as high as 400-500 which is considered Hazardous.

Sept 12, 2020 Update

The lake is OPEN again.  We received a call from Ryan at the Sugarloaf Marina letting us know the marina is open again.  He said the Sugarloaf County Boat Ramp (1/4 mile away) is also open now.

As far as the haze, it continues and varies day to day.  Although you need to judge, if you are not a sensitive group, you can join the fun like many others have as we did.

Sept 11, 2020 Update

According to multiple sources, the congressman for the area has confirmed that the forest service will open the lake back up at 9am today.  We have no way of confirming until it happens (or does not).  See below message about temporary closure.

We heard it was a little more hazy yesterday at the lake.   Today, I looked it up and it says 5 miles of visibility.  Unclear what the next several days will bring.  In 2018 we continued to boat and have a good time along with many others even with fires only 5-10 miles away or on the edge of Shasta Lake but we did not have anyone sensitive to these conditions.

Sept 10, 2020 Update

We have just learned that at 5pm today, all national parks in California will be closed to help prevent additional wildfires in the state.  They are expecting this to last until Monday, September 14th.  Although this does not impact our guests ability to stay or get to our homes, the marinas and most boat ramps are closing unless they are on private land.  We are working with our guests currently staying and arriving within this window.

Sept 7, 2020 Update

Hello Past and Future Guests,

Unfortunately wild fires have become more frequent and larger in recent years throughout California.   This is an update to the message we posted last month on the topic.  In 2018, we had 3 large fires that started one after the other in the Shasta Lake area.  In 2019, very few but at times some smoke or haze from distant fires.  In 2020, we have not had any major fires around the lake but some of the fires near Lake Berryessa, Mendocino, Red Bluff and the Bay Area have created some haze in the air around the lake. This started around the middle of August.  The amount of haze varies day by day depending on the wind direction and other factors.  Some days just a little haze seen on the mountains and hills in the area with blue skies above.  Other days might be heavier with  limited blue skies, an orange sunset and some ash.   Our family has been up there multiple times this past month and in every case we did not smell smoke and it was much better than the bay area and everywhere else between the bay area and Shasta.  Although not perfect with 100% blue skies we had a great time as usual.  We have not had any complaints from our guests and all commented about the great time they had.

If you are considering canceling your vacation because you still have concerns about the haze or smoke or are very sensitive, there is a full refund if outside 60 days of arrival.  If you are within the 60 day window,  we will try to re-book it for you.  If we re-book, we will refund your money up to the amount we are able to get in the re-booking.  We still have a  wait list of interested customers for the balance of the summer so we will go there first.  Again, we will do what we can to get someone else to book so we can offer a full or partial refund.  The more time you give us, the better chance of a refund.

We had one cancellation request and we were able to re-book most of the stay.

We monitor the situation very closely and if a fire developed in the area that would put risk to our guests, we will proactively reach out.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Please stay safe.

David & Lori Raun
Shasta Lakeshore Retreat
Lori:  Cell/Text:  (925) 200-6934,

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