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Accessibility for Elderly & Handicapped

Accessibility at Shasta Lakeshore Retreat Homes:

These charming lakeside retreats have their unique features, but many were constructed in the 1960s and may not be  suitable for some elderly or handicapped guests. We prefer to make sure you are going to be very comfortable with the homes, their accessibility and floor plans.  Here’s a very limited summary of their accessibility mainly from a stairs and steps perspective.   We realize that there are many other factors and we hope to add information over time.  In the meantime, please reach out with questions at 925-200-6934 or  We are also very interested in hearing from you about the most inportant information that we can provide (door widths, etc.).  We have ranked them from best to worst primarily from a stairs and slope perspective.  Sorry if is not more comprehensive.

  1. Retreat 14:  This spacious two level home has the ability to enter either floor without anything more than a minor step into the house.  There is a paved driveway for easy access to upper and lower level.
  2. Retreat 1: This home offers the best accessibility with no steps to the main floor. The main deck, family room, kitchen, and a master bedroom with a bathroom are on this level. You can park your car within 8 feet of the house. The bathroom on this level features a tub/shower combo.  The stairs are steep to go to the lower level.
  3. Retreat 12:  This house is spacious and has a wheelchair ramp in the garage to get on the main floor where there is the Kitchen, Family Room, Two Bedrooms, & a Bathroom.
  4. Retreat 5: With only two steps to enter, this house is on one level. The covered deck provides ample shade, and you can park within 20 feet from the door. There’s one shower and one bathtub/shower combo between the two bathrooms.
  5. Retreat 16:  This single level home has a flat yard and only one step to get into the home.
  6. Retreat 3: This house allows you to park within 20 feet of the front door and deck. However, it requires one steps to enter the house and path is a combo of concrete and gravel. The main floor features three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, a family room, and a lakefront deck. This level has a shower and a tub/shower combo.
  7. Retreat 4: Although there are two steps to enter, you can park your car within 20 feet of the front door. The main floor includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a family room, a kitchen, and the lakefront deck. It has both a shower and a bathtub/shower combo.
  8. Retreat 11:  This single level home is nice but it does require about 3 to 4 steps to get into the home.
  9. Retreat 2: Access is a bit challenging with a sloped sidewalk, requiring about 30 feet to enter the house. Although the doors are not larger, the master bath has more room in it than many of the homes. Both bathrooms feature showers, and there is no tub.
  10. Retreat 6: This house has three steps and is situated about 35 feet from the the parking. This floor features two bathrooms, one with a shower and the other with a tub/shower combo. Alternatively, you can access the lower floor via a different driveway without any steps, which has one large bedroom with three queens and a small bathroom with a small shower.
  11. Retreat 8: Access involves approximately 3 steps and about 20 feet to get into the main part of the house. The main floor has one bedroom with three twin bunk beds and a sofa sleeper. A bathroom is also available on this level, along with the family room, dining room, and deck. Three steps down are required to access the pool area.
  12. Retreat 13:  This home requires you to go up about 3 steps and then down about 5 to get to main floor of the home.
  13. Retreat 7: Unfortunately, a flight of stairs is unavoidable to access the main upper level. Downstairs, there’s a game room, a bathroom with a tub/shower, and a bedroom with two bunk beds. There are no steps to enter the lower floor and you can park your car within 8 feet of the lower floor door.
  14. Retreat 10: The lower level, which includes two bedrooms, a game room, and a bathroom, can be accessed without stairs but will require a couple steps. However, the main floor requires climbing stairs.
  15. Retreat 9: Access to this home involves climbing 1.5 flights of stairs to reach the lakeview deck and front door. However, once inside, the entire living space is on one level. Please note that the bathrooms in this home are relatively small, with one featuring a tub/shower combo and the other a shower.

While these homes may vary in accessibility, Shasta Lakeshore Retreats offers a range of accommodations, and we’re happy to assist in finding the best fit for your specific needs. Please contact us for further details and recommendations.

Lori at 925-200-6934 or email us at

We look forward to discussing with you to see if it will work for your group.

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Our homes are located less than 1 mile from Tsasdi Resort and 1/4 mile from Sugarloaf Cottages.