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Our objective is to keep all our homes very nice but we do understand many people have pets they want to bring along.

We allow pets only when disclosed to us in writing (Rental Agreement) and when a fee of $120 per stay per pet has been paid.  In general we try to limit the number to two but will consider special circumstances.  Contact Lori Raun @ 925-200-6934 (Cell/Text).

Our strict rules are the following:

  1. Pets must be disclosed to us in writing on the rental agreement and $120 fee paid or you will lose $500 of your security deposit.
  2. Pets must stay off all the furniture and beds.
  3. Pets must be well trained and not a puppy.
  4. Pets must never be left alone inside the house unless in a crate
  5. Pets must be on a leash when you are walking around the neighborhood and lake
  6. Owner must clean up after their pet and must disclose to us proactively if any damage has been done.
  7. Owners need to prevent their pet from barking excessively
  8. Pets must be free of disease, up to date with all vaccinations and without fleas
  9. Owners need to be careful about wildlife in the area which can hurt your pet (Skunks, Deer, Bears, Mountain Lions, Rattlesnakes)
Other House Rules