There are about 7 public boat ramps plus another 4 private ramp.  Guests have access to the private ramps as they are owned by Marinas like Sugarloaf and Bridge Bay.  We will first cover the 5 ramps in the Sugarloaf & Lakehead area.  This area is highly desired by vacationers as it has a number of cottages, resorts and the nicest vacation rentals available on the lake.


  • 1/4 Mile Drive
  • At Marina Next Door
  • Open:  Full to 60 Feet Down*
  • Cost: ~$15 (at store, $0 if Slip)
  • Daisy Ln, Right Lakeshore, Next Right
  • See drawing below
    * CLOSED:  Lake Level.  Recommend Sugarloaf Low Water County ramp which is open.
Marinas InfoLake Level


Boat Ramp is Open

  • 1/2 Mile Drive
  • Located North
  • Open:  60-150 Feet Down*
  • Cost: $15 (self pay)
  • Daisy Ln, Right Lakeshore, 1/4 mile, Right
  • See drawings below
    * OPEN: The low water boat ramp was still open the last time we checked but at 147′ down it starts to get questionable.  See ” Lake Level” section of web site for the latest information.  There is a button below.  We expect the lake level to start going up soon.
Sugarloaf Public Ramp Info


If all the local ramps close, the following boat ramps stay open to about 200 to 220′ down.  The lake’s estimated low point in 2022 is 150′ below (70′ above these levels).  As far as we know they have never closed unless they did in 1977 when the lake was at it lowest point in history.  2021 was the 2nd lowest level and they did not close.
1. Bay Bridge 1.800.752.9669
2. Centimudi
3.  Jones Valley

Bridge bay is the closet of these three to our homes.  It is about a 15-18 min drive.

See boat ramp document on this page.

Lake LevelBridge Bay Web Site


  • 3 Mile Drive
  • Near Hwy 5 Exit
  • Open:  Full to 75 Feet Down*
  • Cost: $14 (self pay)
  • Daisy Ln, Right Lakeshore, Right Under Freeway, Right again.
    * CLOSED:  Lake Level.  Recommend Sugarloaf Low Water Ramp which is OPEN.
Antlers Public Ramp Info


  • 15 Mile Drive
  • South on Hwy 5 just over big bridge
  • Open:  Full to 210’+ Feet Down*
  • Cost: $??
  • Daisy Ln, Right Lakeshore, Hwy 5 South, Pass Big Bridge, Exit.
    * OPEN:  Closest to our homes when all of ours are closed.  Please call them for latest.


For other ramps around Shasta Lake look at the map on this page and “Click” on the more detailed summary below.

Antlers Public Ramp Info