• 1/4 Mile Drive
  • At Marina Next Door
  • Open:  Full to 60 Feet Down*
  • Cost: ~$15 (at store, $0 if Slip)
  • Daisy Ln, Right Lakeshore, Next Right
  • See drawing below
    * CLOSED:  Will not open for Summer 2021 due to low rainfall.
Marinas InfoLake Level


  • 1/2 Mile Drive
  • Located North
  • Open:  60-160 Feet Down*
  • Cost: $15 (self pay)
  • Daisy Ln, Right Lakeshore, 1/4 mile, Right
  • See drawings below
    * OPEN: This will be the ramp you will use during Summer 2021 based on lake level until it closes when lake gets to 140 to 160′ down.  We recently heard around August 1, 2021 or a few days later.

NOTE:  Please see the “Lake Level” section of web site for the latest information.  There is a button below.

Sugarloaf Public Ramp Info


Note:  If the lake level drops below 160 feet down (will likely happen in 2021 in mid/late August or September) then there are three other ramps that stay open to about 210 to 220′ down:
1. Bay Bridge
2. Centimudi
3.  Jones Valley

See boat ramp document on this page.

Lake Level


  • 3 Mile Drive
  • Near Hwy 5 Exit
  • Open:  Full to 75 Feet Down*
  • Cost: $14 (self pay)
  • Daisy Ln, Right Lakeshore, Right Under Freeway, Right again.
    * CLOSED:  This ramp will not open for the Summer 2021 (Lake Level)
Antlers Public Ramp Info


For other ramps around Shasta Lake look at the map on this page and “Click” on the more detailed summary below.