As one of the options, our guests used the boat slips at Sugarloaf Marina next door.  In 2019 they stopped renting them on a daily basis and only offer as an expensive season pass for the entire summer.  If you are renting one of our homes and prefer to use a slip, please let us know and we can discuss.

Contact Lori at 925-200-6934 for more details.

JULY 2020 UPDATE:  Contact Ryan at Sugarloaf Marina (530) 238-8200 as he may have a few daily slips available.  Let him know Dave & Lori Raun sent you.  No idea what they will do for Summer 2021.  Please provide your input that you would like daily slips supported.


Some of our guests like to anchor their boats below our homes in the cove.  Since the marina is next door, this cove tends to be pretty well protected by wakes.  We now have a good trail down (although not good for the disabled or elderly) to the water level.  Parking your boat offshore of our homes is legal and there is no charge.  It is especially good for Jet Ski’s and Waverunners as you can just swim out and take off.   If you have a regular boat you might want to anchor using a bungee anchor line  on the back and a regular role on the front.  The front rope you can tie to your stake in the ground.  Then when you arrive you can pull the boat to you and board.   Then everyone can board or you can have someone drive it over to the marina where they can load more easily at the dock at the store.


Other guests prefer to launch and bring back their boat each day to the house.  The boat ramp is next door at the marina.  The charge for a launch is $10 per day and can be paid at the Marina Store.

We do have room at all three homes to park at least one large truck with large boat without issue.

Boat Ramp Info