There are eight marinas spread around Shasta Lake.  Most of them offer boat slips for rent.  Please contact them directly for details and reservations.  Below is a map with all the marinas.


Boat Slips Available Now at Antlers

    Antlers is a large marina and is normally only about 3 miles from our homes most of the time.  When the lake drops below 80′ from the top (Summer 2021 and 2022), they move it close to us in the Sugarloaf area.  They tend to have rental boats and slips as well as stay open longer if not for entire year lake level permitting.  (800) 238-3924.  See Shasta Lake Level section of our web site for the latest information. Boat Slips are Available in the Sugarloaf Area for $30 a night or $300 a month when the marinas are open.  Book early, limited.  Call or email them to make sure it is still open and they have available spots.  See LAKE LEVEL for more info.

Contact the marinas directly for latest information.

Please understand we are just passing the information as we are not associated in anyway with Sugarloaf or Antlers.  Your ability to get a boat slip or rental boat or the state of their operations in not a valid cancelation request.

    Sugarloaf Marina, right next to us have great boat slips behind a locked gate for $40 per night.  They fill up fast.  Contact information (depending on when you are calling):
    Off Season (Oct-May):
    Reservations Supervisor, 530-275-7950
    If during the season:
    Contact Sugarloaf Marina at 530-238-8200.  They are normally open from Memorial Day Weekend to September unless water level is too low.  We have been informed that they will not bring back the marina in 2022.
    See Lake Level information on our web site.

NOTE:  Please see the “Lake Level” section of web site for the latest information.  There is a button below.

Lake Level


Some of our guests like to anchor their boats below our homes in the cove.  Since the marina is next door, this cove tends to be pretty well protected by wakes.  We have a good trail down (although not good for the disabled or elderly) to the water level.  The shore close to the water might be rocky (when higher) or muddy (when lower).  Bring good shoes.  Parking your boat offshore of our homes is legal and there is no charge.  It is especially good for Jet Ski’s and Waverunners as you can just swim out and take off.   If you have a regular boat you might want to anchor using a bungee anchor line on the back and a regular role on the front.  The front rope you can tie to your stake in the ground.  Then when you arrive you can pull the boat to you and board.    Then everyone can board or you can have someone drive it over to the marina or boat ramp where they can load more easily.   Please note when the lake is low the bottom tends to be mud and anchors many times drag.  We do not recommend doing this for when the lake is 140′ or greater down.  We recommend a heavy box anchor so you are not thinking about if if the wind comes up.  Please note that Shasta is a reservoir so the lake level is the highest in late Spring (like Memorial Day) and then usually starts to drop through the Summer and the fall.  Over the past 60 years, the water level at the end of October has been anywhere from 40′ to 200′ below the top level.  This makes the distance from our homes longer as the water drops.  It can be 30′ to 300 yards depending on water level.  At 170′ down, the area is a river, not a lake.  We do not expect this to happen in 2022.

We always recommend a boat slip at the marina if you can get one.  BOOK EARLY.

NOTE:  Please see the “Shasta Lake Level” section of web site for the latest information.  There is a button below.

Lake Level


Sugarloaf County Boat Ramp is OPEN

...and we expect it to stay open all Summer!!
...and FULL REFUND if it does not

Sugarloaf County Boat Ramp is OPEN

Other guests prefer to launch and bring back their boat each day to the house.  There are two boat ramps close to us.   When the lake is 60′ or less from the top then use the boat ramp next door at Sugarloaf marina.  The charge for a launch is ~$15 per day and can be paid at the Marina Store.  This ramp will close at 60′ down and then the Sugarloaf county boat ramp opens about 1/3 of a mile away.  The charge for a launch is ~$15 per day and can be paid at the deposit tube near the entrance or to the person if they have a pay station set up.  The low water county ramp at Sugarloaf near us will stay open to about 140-150′ below the top.  Some use it beyond that but we do not recommend.

In the event the ramp does close and is unusable, the following ramps and marinas will remain open:

  1. Bay Bridge (near big bridge)
  2. Jones Valley
  3. Centimudi

These stay open until the lake is about 220′ feet down.  We have never seen the lake get that low and close these ramps.  The lakes low point in 2022 is expected at about  150′ (75′ above these levels).

We do have room at all homes to park at least one truck with boat in select areas.   Retreat 4 has the greatest room but in a serial fashion.  Retreat 6 can also support two boats.  Additional boat/trailer parking can usually be found at the marina for a fee.

Call if you would like to discuss.

NOTE:  Please see the “Shasta Lake Level” section of web site for the latest information.  There is a button below.

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