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Shasta Sightseeing is wonderful.  Lots of Short and Full Day Sightseeing Trips in the Area:

  • Mount Shasta
  • Mount Shasta City
  • Castle Crags State Park
  • Local Waterfalls
  • Lassen National Park
  • Shasta Caverns
  • Turtle Bay & Sundial Bridge
  • … and much more

Sightseeing around Shasta Lake, while enjoying your stay at Shasta Lakeshore Retreat, is an adventure waiting to unfold. The crown jewel of the region, Mount Shasta, beckons with its majestic beauty. The snow-capped peak of this dormant volcano stands as a constant companion, offering incredible photo opportunities and inspiring awe in all who behold it. For those seeking an up-close encounter with this natural wonder, a visit to Mount Shasta City, nestled in the shadow of the mountain, provides the perfect basecamp for hiking, exploring, and immersing yourself in the local culture.

A short drive away, Castle Crags State Park presents a stunning landscape of towering granite spires that invite hikers and nature enthusiasts to embark on memorable trails. This rugged terrain is home to lush forests, wildlife, and vistas that rival any in Northern California. When you’re ready to unwind and enjoy the region’s more tranquil side, exploring the numerous local waterfalls that dot the area is a must. McCloud Falls, Burney Falls, and Potem Falls are some of the nearby gems that reveal the area’s natural beauty.

For those with an adventurous spirit, a day trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park is a must. Marvel at the park’s bubbling mud pots, crystal-clear lakes, and smoldering volcanoes, all while discovering the geothermal wonders that abound in this unique landscape. As you explore the local terrain, don’t forget to explore the enigmatic Shasta Caverns, a subterranean marvel that takes you on an underground adventure through awe-inspiring chambers and rock formations.

Lastly, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, with its incredible Sundial Bridge spanning the Sacramento River, offers a delightful outing for the whole family. The park’s interactive exhibits, botanical gardens, and animal encounters provide a mix of education and entertainment, making it a delightful stop on your sightseeing journey. All these attractions are conveniently accessible from Shasta Lakeshore Retreat, offering endless opportunities for exploration and discovery during your unforgettable stay.

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