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After 20 years of enjoying Shasta Lake vacation in houseboats and various homes/cabins as a family, in 2015 we fell in love with the home we now call Shasta Lakeshore Retreat #1.  We made an offer on the home and started to invest and improve it on many fronts.  Since we are unable to use it more than once or twice a month, we thought we would share this special place with some wonderful guests.  Fortunately the home quickly became one of the most popular Vacation Rental Homes at Shasta Lake.

Later we made an offer on the larger home next door which become Retreat #2.  Even more so than Retreat #1, we made significant improvements remodeling most of the home in 2017.

In 2019 our two grown sons purchased a great home on our street (also Lakefront).  In May 2020 we started making it available also for our guests.  We call it Retreat #3.   It has been a big hit like our other two homes.   Dave & Lori  manage it just like Retreat #1 and #2.

In September 2021, we added Retreat #4 followed by #5 and #6 in April 2022 and Retreat #7 and #8 in June 2022 and most recently Retreat #9 in May 2023. All of these homes meet our quality and appeal standards our guests have come to expect.  Retreat #4 is on the largest lot and is Lakefront.  Retreat #5 is next to Retreat #1 and has great views of the lake.  Retreat #6 & #7 are also located in the Sugarloaf area and are a short 5-8 min walk from the other 6 homes.  Retreat #8 is our first home that is located on the Scott Creek side of Lakehead and features a large home,  swimming pool, private location and great views.  Retreat #9 is also on Daisy lane like five of the other homes offering a great lakeview.  All of these homes are owned by friends and neighbors.  We are open to adding additional homes if they meet our standards and the owners are easy to work with.  Please contact us and we will send you some detailed information about our full service Property Management program.

We are proud of these special homes popularity, the quality of guests they attract, the high % return of our wonderful guests and over 500 FIVE STAR Reviews.  Our objective is to make sure you have one of the best vacations of your life at the Shasta Lakeshore Retreat.

If you are Shasta Houseboating People, consider a change.  These homes have all the positive things of a house boat as many of them are on the water but with much more room.  Come stay at our Shasta Vacation Rental Homes….you will love them.

#1 Shasta Area Information Website
We are also constantly adding information about the Shasta area as a much needed resource for all visitors to this wonderful area independent whether you are staying with us or not.

Lori and David Raun
Shasta Lakeshore Retreat
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