March 2021 Update

Hello Past and Future Guests,

Although difficult times for all of us with the impact of COVID-19 for the past year, we wanted to let you know what we are doing about it at our three lakefront homes at the Shasta Lakeshore Retreat.  Although a clean home for our guests have always been a priority (see our reviews on the web site), we are making sure our cleaning team takes extra measures to minimize any chance of any infection as the health of our guests, cleaning crew and our family is our top priority.

We saw many large group/multi family reservations canceled in March & April of 2020 when the virus first broke out last year.  We elected to provide full refunds to these groups.  Then in May we started booking last minute getaways to observe the “stay at home” order while in the mountains with all the space and fresh air.

Since then we have been pretty much booked solid through the summer, fall and now in the winter.  With limited choices when it comes to safe family vacations this year, renting an entire home in the fresh air of the mountains has been a popular choice by many.

We have been provided NO recommendations or orders to close our vacation homes.  They are available and a great way to escape.

Although you are welcome to stay at one of our homes unless we are told otherwise, we ask that you do your shopping in your home town before you leave to minimize the risk to local residents and yourself.

We do offer a great place without the crowds and within driving distance for most of our guests.  When they arrive, they have a very clean home that offers a secluded and peaceful location with the great fresh mountain air….and a great lake to enjoy which never closed.

Depending on the time of the year and weather we offer so many things that allow you to get out of the house and still avoid any crowds.  This includes hikes, walks, bike rides, crowd free sightseeing, drives to the snow, the best lake for boating/water sports and much more.  At the home we offer HD TV with Netflix and DirectTV, fireplaces/stoves, kayaks, paddle boards, and a Floating Island (summer) in the cove behind homes, corn hole games, many board games, hot tubs, heat lamps, gas fire pits, Gas BBQ, Hammocks (summer) and awesome decks and windows that look out at the wonderful lake and mountains.  What a great way to turn this crisis lock down into a real vacation.

Although the cleaning crew tries to do an extra good cleaning job due to the pandemic, we do not block any days between guest stays.  If we are booked solid we will have one guest leaving at 11am in the morning and another coming in a 3pm.  When we come up and stay as a family we bring extra wipes and let the house air out for a while as an extra precaution.

Although most guests have been comfortable with this, if you have concerns you are welcome to book your stay for a longer period of time providing a buffer at the beginning of your stay of a day or two.  Please do what you need to do to feel safe for yours loved ones.

If you are considering canceling your vacation because you still have concerns, there is a full refund if outside 60 days of arrival.  If you are within the 60 day window, we will try to rebook it for you.  If we re-book, we will refund your money up to the amount we are able to get in the re-booking.  Again, we will do what we can to get someone else to book so we can offer a full or partial refund.  The more time you give us, the better chance of a refund.

Please assume the pandemic is going to be with us well into the later parts of 2021.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Please stay safe.

David & Lori Raun
Shasta Lakeshore Retreat
Lori:  Cell/Text:  (925) 200-6934,

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