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July 21, 2020:  Shasta County Supervisors approves Vacation Rental Ordinance showing support for this important lodging option for families visiting the area.

For the past 3 years, Shasta County Supervisors and others have been reviewing Vacation Rentals.  Although they were never illegal, the recently implemented ordinance officially recognizes Vacation Rentals as an important lodging option for families who want to visit this great recreational area.



Although the vast majority of the vacation rental owners and guests are already responsible, respectful, follow the rules and pay all taxes on time, this ordinance will make it clear to everyone that this is important.

Fortunately, the Shasta County Supervisors approved a reasonable ordinance that reflected the many inputs they received from owners and guests.  It was especially interesting to hear them talk about how many of them enjoy vacation rentals and they see the clear value.

Although we will have to make some minor changes to our rules, for the most part we are already doing everything they put in the ordinance.

The good news is the Vacation Rentals are official and here to stay unlike some areas that have banned them.


  1. Supports families wanting to visit the National Recreation Area
  2. Brings much needed tourism dollars to struggling communities.
  3. The small cabins and old motels are not what many families want
  4. Separate home is much safer for COVID than motels or cabins close to each other
  5. Vacation Rental Owners have improved homes (increasing average value)
  6. Eliminates empty homes (crime)
  7. Great Families visit!
  8. Increase of Home Values
  9. Supports larger family reunions without being on top of each other squeezed into a small cabin.


  1. All three of our lakefront homes are approved by the Shasta County