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Biking around Shasta Lake.  Cycling enthusiasts will find a haven for their passion when staying at Shasta Lakeshore Retreat. The Shasta Lake area offers a multitude of fantastic places to explore on two wheels. From scenic road biking routes that provide breathtaking views to thrilling mountain biking trails through the rugged wilderness, there’s something for cyclists of all levels.

For those who prefer road biking, the surrounding roads wind through picturesque landscapes and offer incredible vistas of Shasta Lake and the majestic mountains that envelop the region. You can embark on leisurely rides or challenging ascents, taking in the clean, crisp mountain air as you go.

Mountain bikers, on the other hand, can tackle an array of diverse trails that weave through the natural beauty of the Shasta Lake area. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling downhill adventure or a serene ride through the serene woods, the trails near Shasta Lakeshore Retreat have it all. You’ll discover a mix of singletrack paths and dirt roads, each offering its unique biking experience. With Shasta Lakeshore Retreat as your vacationing headquarters, you’re perfectly positioned to explore the superb cycling opportunities the area has to offer.

Biking Trails
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