Shasta Lake marinas are scattered around the lake to support your needs.  Sugarloaf Marina is walking distance right next door.  It is a great place to park your boat in a slip to come and go from our homes.

We encourage our guests to fuel up and get snacks on the lake at the store.  Unfortunately, unlike the larger Shasta Lake Marinas, Sugarloaf is only open during the warmer months.


For some unclear reason, Sugarloaf surprised us on May 23, 2019 when we learned that they did not have daily slips available but rather only costly season long passes.   As recent as early May they encouraged us to have our guests call them on the Memorial Day Weekend to secure spots for the Summer.   The bottom line unless something changes, they do not have any slips available.

We decided to secure two season slip passes to cover our guests for the summer as we know how much we enjoy having them and our guests count on it.  Please contact David or Lori if you are staying with us and would like use of the slip.

These slips are behind a locked gate .


Gas is available at the Sugarloaf Docks when they are open.  Plan ahead as they tend to close around 5:30pm and the next closest gas on the lake is 3 miles north at Antlers or 10 miles south at Bridge Bay.  Octane is usually 87 at Sugarloaf.  Gas on the lake is usually about $1 more then at a regular gas station.  There is a Texaco and Chevron gas station by car/trailer that is back by the exit off hwy 5 as you come to our home.  This is about 2.5 miles from our two homes.  They offer multiple grades of fuel.


There are about 7 other Shasta Lake Marinas.  Most of these are larger and are open all or most of the year.  Antlers is the closest which is about 3 miles north on the lake.  They offer a wide selection of rental boats and personal water craft.  See the map below for other marinas.

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