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Shasta Lake has excellent eight marinas spread around the large lake.  Many have gas, a store on the water and rental boats.  We will first provide information on Antlers and Sugarloaf Marina which are both located in popular Sugarloaf & Lakehead area of the lake.  This is home of multiple resorts, cottages and the finest Vacation Rentals on the lake.


Seasonal Boat Slips and Marina. Next to Retreats.

Sugarloaf Marina is walking distance right next door but is seasonal and depends on lake level.  Fortunately, the 2023 lake level has been high and this marina is very close to many of our homes.  Note some of the lakefront homes can be seen in the upper right corner of the photo.

There is a trail from R1, R2, R3, R5, R9, R10 along the shoreline to the marina but the high water levels put the trails under water and damaged them.  We have started to repair them but your might want to use the road instead.

We encourage our guests to fuel up and get snacks on the lake at the Sugarloaf Marina Store (as we want to support them).  Unfortunately, unlike the larger Shasta Lake Marinas, Sugarloaf is only normally open during the warmer months.  Usually open sometime between May 1st and Memorial Day Weekend and close between Labor Day weekend and the the end of September.   Make sure you call early for boat slips.  They sell out.

Please understand we have no association or influence on the decisions of this marina or any other.

Please see below the distance from all the Retreats to the Marina.  Retreat 1-5, 9, and 10 have views of the marina from the property and very short walk when lake is full like this year.  Retreat 6 and 7 are a longer walk or very short drive.  Retreat 8 can drive to Sugarloaf, Antlers or one of the other marinas.  If you click on the image it will enlarge.

Please do not get confused by the smaller dock next to Sugarloaf Marina.  It is north of the marina and is owned by and used by the Sugarloaf Cottages which are small cabins for a lodging option.


Sugarloaf Marina, right next to us and have boat slips behind a locked gate.  They charged $55 per night in 2023.  They have a limited number so if you are interested, book ahead.  Contact information (depending on when you are calling):

If during the season and they are open then call:
Contact Sugarloaf Marina at 520-238-8200 and ask for Lisa.

During the Off Season (Oct-April):
Reservations Supervisor, 530-275-7950 (Jones Valley Marina owns them)

Shasta Lakeshore Retreats does NOT have any slips to rent and the cost of slips are NOT part of our rates/cost when you book a home with us.  Please go to the marina above.  We have no influence over this marina or any of the other marinas decisions and policies.  Lake level can impact the operations of this marina but there were no issues in 2023 and expect 2024 to be the same.  Please see our “Shasta Lake Level” section of our web site for latest information on this topic.

In July 2023, we have seen several boats damaged due to a combination of large rollers making it to the marina, especially on the lake side of the dock combined with some boat owners not securing their boats.  Recommend strong marine rope and secured in a way that the bow can not hit the dock.  Use at your own risk.


Larger Marina 3 Miles from Retreats

Antlers is a larger marina that is 3 miles by lake north of our homes.  They have slips and rental boats and tend to be open a longer period of time, if not all year.  Contact them for information at (530) 238-2553

Summer 2023:
They are OPEN.  Slips in 2022 were $30 per night, not sure for 2023.   They also have good selection of rental boats.

NOTE:  Please see the “Lake Level” section of our web site for the latest information.  There is a button below.

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Close to Sugarloaf & Lakehead

Sugarloaf Resort (Marina)
(530) 238-8200
Lakeshore Drive – map

Antlers Resort & Marina
(530) 238-2553   or   1-800-238-3924
Antlers Road – map

Various Parts of the Lake

Bridge Bay Resort
(530) 275-3021   or   1-800-752-9669
Bridge Bay Road – map

Shasta Marina Resort (at Packers Bay)
(530) 238-2284   or   1-800-959-3359
Packers Bay Road – map

Holiday Harbor
(530) 238-2383   or   1-800-776-2628
Shasta Caverns Road – map

Silverthorn Resort
(530) 275-1571   or   1-800-332-3044
Silverthorn Road – map

Jones Valley Resort
(530) 275-7950   or   1-833-474-2782
Jones Valley Marina Drive – map

Digger Bay Marina
(530) 275-3072   or   1-800-752-9669
Digger Bay Road – map

Click on Image Below to download complete list

Shasta Lake is Full


Gas is available at the Sugarloaf Docks when they are open.  Plan ahead as they tend to close around 5:30pm and the next closest gas on the lake is 3 miles north at Antlers or 10 miles south at Bridge Bay.  Gas on the lake is usually about $1.00 to $1.50 more than at a regular gas station.  $5.99 at Sugarloaf in July 2023.  There is a Shell (formerly Texaco) and Chevron gas station by car/trailer that is back by the exit off hwy 5 as you come to our home.  This is about 2.5 miles from our homes.  They offer multiple grades of fuel.

Plan fuel carefully as the distance to the next marina as you head south toward Bridge Bay is about 10+ Miles.  You do not want to run out of fuel.

Sugarloaf Marina will open again in May 2024 for the summer and usually has fuel.  Antler’s Marina is on the water up the lake 3 miles.  There is also fuel on the lake at many of the other marinas around the lake.  The next closest fuel will be at Packers Bay or Bridge Bay. Fuel is available currently in Lakehead at the two Gas Stations (2+ miles from our house).   Antler’s Marina is on the water up the lake 3 miles.  Please confirm they are open.  There is also fuel on the lake at many of the other marinas around the lake.  The next closest fuel will be at Packers Bay or Bridge Bay.

OFF Season (October to April):
Sugarloaf will be closed and you will need to check if Antlers is open.


There are about 7 other Shasta Lake Marinas.  Most of these are larger and are open all or most of the year.  They offer a wide selection of rental boats and personal water craft.  See the map below for other marinas.